Let’s Bond with Horses!

Welcome to Derbydown. We are an Equestrian Training center, based in Florida and Pennsylvania. We work in Florida for the winter and in Pennsylvania for the rest of the year. We prefer winter season in Florida as it allows us to train our horses and schedule classes effectively.

Louise and Christina Serio are our ace Equestrian trainers. They are the top-performing trainers in the field. They provide their services at our locations and travel worldwide for shows.


Sally Yacka started Derbydown and used behavioral psychology to teach powerful horsemanship skills in the training sessions. This method helped horse-owners and enthusiasts understand the individual nature of horses and how to behave with each one of them.

Horses are our companions and we can always bond with them for a fun sport or for a casual horse-back ride. We can give them an incredible experience by taking care of them and understanding them while we spend our time with them. That is how we learn to communicate and bring the best out of the bonding.

Discover true horsemanship by joining us.